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My First Cigar Review: J.S.K Nuggs

So, I’m back from my impromptu trip to Indiana for Ristefari 2019. Yes, I did survive the epic herf event! I got to meet a lot of people at the event. Especially my Four Horsemen braddahs, along with a few of the Legends Smoke & Chug members. If you ever get a chance to make it next year, you absolutely positively need to you! It’s a weekend filled of cigars, booze, and food put on by the owner Riste Riatevski of Jas Sum Kral Cigars aka JSK. The epic event is an annual thing that he puts on in Indiana, to give back to all those who support his cigars. The event is free to attend your allowed to bring whatever alcoholic beverages that floats your boat.

While I was at the event I was able to meet Riste and tell him how excited I was to try the new JSK Nuggs CBD infused cigar that he will be releasing next month. I told him, I think this cigar is going to help a lot of veterans out, like myself. I suffer from anxiety, A.D.H.D., and various pain in places throughout my body. So, the awesome guy and gracious host that he is, gave me one to try. So, I decided to review it. For this review I decided not to drink any caffeine or take any of my medications that were prescribed to me by my local V.A. doctor. All I have to drink with this cigar is a bottle of water. On the back of the cigar wrapper is QR code. That you will be able to scan and it will tell you the CBD batch number, ingredients, CBD solution, and by what lab made it(Insert wow factor here).

Here’s a little run down about the cigar. A 4x48 cigar infused with, 20mg of cannabidiol a.k.a CBD. There will be two different versions made of the cigar. An Ecuadorian Connecticut and a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The cigar is set to release on April 1st, 2019, with a MSRP of $12. Visit for more information.

I unwrap the cigar and use my Xikar Xi1 to cut it. Pre-light, I smell the capped end, after I cut it. I get notes of raisin, hay, leather, and wet grass (must be the CBD). The foot-end I get hay, leather, and cut grass notes. With all the smells aside it’s time to light this cigar up! I light it with my double torch Xikar Turismo. The cigar lights up fast, you get a smell of burning grass/hay while lighting it. The first couple of puffs, I’m getting dark chocolate, leather, earth, and a cut grass finish on my tongue.

I’m an inch in to this cigar, and it’s a very smooth medium cigar with a great smoke output. The first inch I’m getting leather, raisin, hay, dark chocolate, and grass notes on my tongue. I must be getting into the CBD, no burn issues so far.


I’m about 1 ½ to 2 inches in the cigar it’s smoking faster than some cigars. I’m getting dark chocolate covered raisin, leather, and earth with a subtle dry grass finish on my tongue. About halfway through my ash falls off, and hits the floor. The ash stays much intact on my garage floor. Little over halfway the grass notes return with a vengeance. I feel super chill, relaxed, and mellow at this point. Usually I would be annoyed by the Yah, Bro! Neighbors across the street (they’re around my parents age, but it seems like they never left high school). They need to talk so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear them. Who love calling each other dude and bro nonstop. But, with this cigar I’m not!

I take the band off as it’s near the burn line. Seems the burn has slowed down, about 3 inches left into the cigar. The burn line is still great and the ash is still stacking nicely, still haven’t had to do any touch ups or relights. With a little less of 3 inches to go on this, I’m getting leather, hay, touch of dark chocolate, earth, and grass notes on my tongue still. Inch and half left ash is still stacking nicely. Getting super chillaxed while sitting in my recliner in my woman cave out in the garage. The notes I’m getting now are hay, leather, and grass. Honestly I feel so mellow and relaxed a riot could be happening on my street and I would still be chilling like a villain in my garage.

I’m down to an inch left, getting more hay,and leather this time. But, with a little less of the grassy notes on my tongue.

The last bit of the nub still has great smoke output. But, the nub has gotten squishy making it harder for me to hold on to, and not burn my fingers. So, I lay it down in my ashtray with dignity and respect. The approximate smoke time was 49 minutes. Overall this was great cigar, the ash stacked nicely, no burn issues, the smoke output was great! Also the flavors were great if you're used to CBD or hemp based products. Not only that the cigar served it purpose of what it was intended for. I wasn't pinging with my ADHD, no anxiety issues. I was calm and relaxed throughout the night. I even had a great night of rest, so good I had some drool on my pillow!

Would I Smoke These Again?

So, the question remains! Would I smoke these again? You're damn right I would! I would buy a few boxes of them right now if I could! This cigar is definitely a game changer for the cigar industry, and it's patrons. Look, I'm not a fan of Big Pharma, I rather smoke this cigar. Then take all those prescribed meds my doctors try to force on me. I'm especially trying to avoid the ones that you have to decide, whether you want a runny nose or runny ass!

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